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Does Reflexology cure disease?

Reflexology may be very effective in balancing the bodily systems, it may assist in releasing stress or tension thus encouraging the body's own natural healing process.

Is Reflexology painful?

For the most part, the sensation is pleasant, relaxing and soothing. Some tenderness may be felt over certain reflex points, which may indicate energy blockages. Because of the firmness applied, there should be no ticklish sensation.

Are there any side effects following treatment?

Most people will note a sense of well-being and relaxation. Sometimes clients may experience a deterioration of the condition for the following 24 to 36 hours. This is part of the natural healing process.

How often should I receive a treatment.

For severe stress related or acute conditions, a client may safely have up to three treatments per week. After six treatments the client might experience improvement, at which point a maintenance program will be set up and the frequency of treatments space out from once a week, to once a month accordingly.

During a full body massage will my modesty be safeguarded at all time?

Yes. All of your body will be covered with the exception of the part being treated.

Are there any times when it would not be appropriate to have any treatments.

Yes, please see the following list. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to call me.

If you are, or have any of the following:

Under 12 weeks pregnant
Under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse
Contagious disease
High temperature
Suffering from cancer of the lymphatic system
Some infections
Chronic osteoporosis
Deep vein thrombosis or Phlebitis

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